Blogging, and other summertime goals…

23 05 2011

It’s May 22, we’ve had approximately 3 days over the temp of 70º and it’s currently raining AGAIN… BUT I KNOW summer is a comin, and like every new season I like to have a list of goals, dreams and aspirations.
God has been really calling me to a more SIMPLE way of life. Especially regarding finances and “needs” versus “wants”, so I’m trying to incorporate that into things this summer as well. small changes make lasting changes. So anyway, here’s my list

1) Social Media. This means blogging at least once weekly. I started this blog in Jan. I’ve used it …um 3 times maybe. If anyone actually reads it, sorry. I’ll do better 🙂 Also learning more about twitter, pinterest and tumblr. Stay tuned…

2) Start doing mosaics again. I love this art, my friend Joni taught me how back when we lived in Italy. I just haven’t had time and space for it since we moved and Daniel was born. It’s not like I can go around the house cutting shards of glass everywhere with a 2 year old. Planning to clear a section of our unfinished basement and make it my project center.

3) My garden. I built an 8 x 4 planting box, filled it with dirt and planted some veggies. As I was planting I became increasingly motivated, excited and passionate about gardening. I’ve never really done it, heck the plants may all be dead next week. LOL. But for now, I’m starting with these and hoping that I can get at least another 4×4 built in the next month for some other things. Looking forward to seeing how much $ I can save by growing fresh and possibly try canning this fall.

4) Saving Money. I have lots of ideas and ways I want to try. From cutting electricity bills ( hello clothes line), couponing, planning our menus, cutting back on processed foods and cooking from scratch. Got any ideas? Would love to hear them.

So that’s about it. I think all of these are easily attainable. Somewhere between, marriage, mommyhood, work, church and a surgery each for hubby and I… yeah, I can do this. 🙂 Till next time..




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23 05 2011
Robin Brooke

Check out Tosca Reno’s clean eating recipe book. Great recipes, good food, mostly from scratch

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