Summer… so far.

8 06 2011

We finally have had more than 2 days of sun in a row. It’s starting to feel like summer here which makes me very happy.  We are spending more time outside,  playing in the sunshine, grilling out and the garden is up and growing.  My calendar is quickly filling up and I have a feeling this season is going to fly by.  Oh, we are also trying to squeeze in a few family adventures before my husband gets ACL surgery next week.  I thought I would share a quick photo journal of our lives the past week or so.  Enjoy!

This past weekend we skipped church (gasp) and took a trip to the Hoggle Zoo…

Such Beauty and Grace in these Creatures!

Look at those EYES!

Sleepy kitty.  He looks so sweet, but Jason wouldn’t let me bring one home.

Our big boy discovering the Elephants..

A boy and his Daddy


Relaxing at home

Our Sweet Samson

New trick…coins in between our toes

The Garden….

Snowball bush in bloom

Herb Garden Beginnings

Greek Oregano

First bits of Summer Color!

Mommy’s little helper!

Snack time!

Ok Son, This is how you DUNK!

Great shot already!




















So that’s our family this past week.  As far as my summer goal list, you see the garden is up…nothing is dead yet!  My husband surprised me by clearing out most of the pile of junk in the basement so I can get my art stuff set up soon, I’m blogging ( although I’m a little late this week)  and next week Jason and I will be starting a fast for 21 days.  While our number one goal is spiritual ( just seeking God’s will in our lives as we look towards the future and end of our Military career)  it will also help us eliminate a lot of the junk we eat so I think we will both feel physically better and it will save us money on our grocery bills.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully!  Remember to get outside, enjoy the sun  and take a little time for yourself!  Till next time!




One response

8 06 2011
Tammy Skipper

I hope you will share more about how you are fasting. I’m assuming you aren’t forgoing all food for 21 days. I’m excited to pray alongside you as you do it though. Hugs Bella~!

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