9 Years and Counting

30 06 2011

I’m sitting here at my computer, it’s 11:43 at night.

My hubby has long been asleep. the house is quiet and I’m listening to the sprinklers outside the window as I write this and think back on the past 9 years.  9 years ago my life changed forever.  9 years ago today I took my marriage vows to an incredible man.   9 years doesn’t seem long in comparison to some things, but these years mean the world to me.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had major battles and problems to overcome…some I thought would be the end of our marriage.  We’ve broken each others hearts on more than one occasion. But, through the grace of Christ and our true love and commitment to each other, we’ve learned to trust each other and to love each other even more deeply.  I’m so glad we both stuck around to fight it out and grow in our bond.  We have the most blessed life. It’s challenging, beautiful,  imperfect and joyful and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So Happy Anniversary Jason.   You are truly my best friend, I love you and I’m looking forward to the rest of our lives together!

Here are a few of my favorite moments together…

Engagement Photo.  San Juan Bautista, California  May 2002


**** No wedding photos scanned…planning to rectify soon!****

***Jason spent most of 2003 in Korea, so not a lot of pics for that year either…ok, moving on***


Kissing in front of St. Marks Cathedral Venice Italy.  August 2004



Touring with friends,  Florence, Italy  July 2005



Re-enlistment 2006



Kissing atop Notre Dame in Paris, France February 2006



At the Castle in Heidelberg, Germany. April 2006



Summer in Venice, Italy July 2006



Toppers Award Show ( we both won that night!) Heidelberg, Germany April 2007



Sunset Dinner with some very dear friends. Croatia Summer 2007

Having a blast in the hills surrounding Dublin, Ireland Dec 2007



On a boat in Venice, Italy April 2008



Wine bar with friends. Sacile, Italy July 2008


Cheese Festival! Malnisio, Italy August 2008



Air Force Ball.  Aviano, Italy September 2008



Our Precious Son only a week old.  Utah April 2009



First Family Portrait. Utah May 2009

Just before Jason’s last deployment. Utah September  2010




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30 06 2011

Congrats on 9 years… May God continue to bless your marriage 🙂

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