The Scrolls..

25 06 2011

A few weeks ago I had tweeted about making scrolls for my church, but I never gave details or posted pics, so here you go.

My crazy Pastor Matt ( and I mean that in the best way) called me a few weeks ago on a Wednesday night… the call went something like this.

Matt: Hey I got a new project for you… but you kinda need to see it

Me: oook.

Matt: Well,ok…  I’m doing a series on the seven letters in revelation and I thought it would be cool to have like, giant scrolls hanging from the ceiling on stage. We could use the big rolls of brown paper, and make ’em look old somehow and burn ’em… I can do most of it, but I need you to do the lettering, cause it will look lame if I do it… I have a graphic that you can look at to see what I mean

Me:  I think I get the idea… so these things need to be like 14 – 16 feet long right?  And I suppose you want these on Sunday

Matt:  Yeah , and yeah, that would be awesome….

Me: So, I have 2 days…I’m going to kill you

Matt: I know. ( you can hear the grin through the phone)

So we agree that he will email me the graphic and I will get the supplies and get started tomorrow ( Thursday) and that he will call me.  Thursday goes by and nada.  Thursday night I’m leading worship rehearsal with our team and Pastor Matt walks in.  While he never emailed me the graphic, he got all the stuff at the store.  We talk briefly about it… he wants to do the burning / antiquing of the paper and then he will call me Friday afternoon to come get them so I can do the lettering.  Friday, 2pm I call him… leave a voice mail. Around 3 he calls back and I miss it,  I call back again he doesn’t answer, I give up.  My weekend was booked with other projects so these things are not going to happen by Sunday.

Fast forward to the following Tuesday night, my husband and I go to dinner with Matt and his wife. He has brought the scrolls  so we get them out in the parking lot after dinner and he begins to explain his process

“I tried your coffee idea of antiquing the paper, but it didn’t do anything when I poured the coffee on it, so I used black lacquer”


“The stuff you use on wood”

“wood stain, got it”

“Yeah so they came out kinda dark. So maybe you can do the lettering in white? I also bought a small torch to do the burning, so I rolled the paper up and we lit it on fire in the parking lot”

At this point I’m starting to giggle at the image of my Pastor, the Children’s church pastor and our admin assistant standing out in the church parking lot with a 3′ long roll of brown paper trying to light it. It probably looked like a giant joint.  Anyhow,  I take the scrolls and the remaining roll of  paper (in case I have to start over… ok, was planning on starting over as soon as I saw the wood stain) and get them in my car. My week was crazy busy so they sit there all week. Thursday night I get the new paper out and start the process again.

Here’s what I did. Paper is large brown paper bag type material.  scrolls are 15′ x 3′

Step 1: crumple up paper into large balls

Step 2: I brew up some dark coffee and some tea as well. I had done the paper antiquing process with small sheets of paper but never nothing this size.  I attempt to soak the paper, but the weight of the liquid and the paper is too much and the paper tears and falls apart all over my back patio.  It’s now 10pm and I’m beat.  Will try again in the morning

Step 3: I decide to take a safe route and grab some cheap craft acrylic paint in a umber and water it down into a stain.  I had my friend Anne over that morning for some brunch and coffee on the pation so I enlist her help in doing a wash over the paper with sponge brushes.  The water in the paint is enough to rumble the paper so we don’t need to crumple it.

Step 4:  The burning process.  I opted for the candle lighter over the small gas torch for more control, but also because I was by myself at this point, and having just built and planted my garden, I did not want to catch my yard on fire.Once I was done I was out of time for the morning and had to head out and get my son from playschool. I will do the lettering that night.

Step 5: The Lettering.  Pastor Matt wanted these to look fairly “authentic” and not just have scribbles.  I downloaded some ancient Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and used all 3 by alternating letters from each language to make it look like some biblical type language. I

Once they were finished we took them up to the church and they were hung. Here’s the finish product ( and our youth team rehearsing)

So there you go!  Sorry it took me so long to post this week.  Husband had knee surgery so I’ve been taking care of him. Our 21 days is going well. We are both hitting some struggles and obstacles  ( to be expected) but overall it’s been great.


My Offering of Worship…

29 03 2011

We recently launched a “prayer space” at our church in Ogden Utah. I hand painted the entire wall ( except the base coat). The wall is lined with leather benches, small tables and lamps.  bulldog clips were drilled into the wall and people can leave write their prayers and clip them to the wall….  creating a modern day wailing wall.  Communion is available to the community 24 / 7 as is the space to come and pray, alone or with a group.   I share the photos in hope of inspiring other artists and creative minds to create sacred spaces as acts of worship…

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